The African Law Firm of 2063 – An Article by GP’s Temitope Badejo

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Temitope Badejo, one of Global Periphery’s associates, was recently invited to Kenya to present his study on the role of the African lawyer. Africa is an immense continent filled with diversity and potential, but at the same time, many challenges. Mr. Badejo’s study uncovers these challenges as well as how the role of the lawyer fits when addressing these issues.


– Temitope Badejo


This is not only a study on the African lawyer, but also one on geopolitics. Domestic and international governments, and the world economy all play a role in the efficacy of the rule of law in the developing world, and while these study is focused on law in Africa, it’s story is mimicked in all low income countries of the world. We also find similarities in many areas of the “developed” world as well. This paper is a study on legal development in addition to a rallying cry for young professionals to take the reigns and become the positive change they seek to find in their respective countries.


While there have been countless studies on Africa’s development, many come from a western or European perspective. Although they are well written and very thorough, there is something integral missing, which is knowledge coming from first hand experience. Therefore, Mr. Badejo presents a refreshing change of narrative as he himself is an African hailing from, and currently residing in Nigeria.


The link to his article is below,


The African Law Firm of 2063

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